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Jim Yah

“Jim made his name as a graphic design guru, handling everything from web design to magazine ads and logo designs, he is an expert in crafting iconic
visual representations in a way
that allows complex ideas
to be expressed in simple
and beautiful terms”


2001-2003 - Arena Multimeda. Kolkata, India.
Digital Multimedia
2003-2004- IADT, Toronto, Canada.
Graphics Design


2003-2004 - Technovate Inc. / Freelance
Designed several websites as a freelancer and accomplished several contract jobs for a SEO company Technovate inc.
2004-2008 - Atera Print
Performed lead role in the design, identity, packaging, web design and pre press productions for Atera Print as well as working on freelancing projects.
2008-2009 - Astley Gilbert
Worked as a colour operator. preflighting files for the Xerox iGen as well as undertaking large-format printing tasks such as posters and scanning.
2009-2011 - AMS Advertising Inc.
Worked as the lead graphic artist in an advertising company. Designing everything from web to logo creation to corporate branding.

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Drawing, yeah I can do a bit of these too..
A collection of doodles accumulated over the years. I draw mostly when I’m not suppose to, it’s an urge that reveals itself when an exam or deadline is drawing near.
Yay look! I can design stuff.
Displayed are some of the projects that I’ve done and some that are still in developement...and some that are so top secret I don’t even know if I’m designing them.